Why do we value exams at GDA?

GDA believes exams play a crucial role in developing students in their skills and techniques. Exams are a wonderful opportunity to motivate, encourage and build discipline within students. Not only are exams important to developing a student’s skills but exams build self-esteem through setting and achieving goals throughout the exam preparation process. Completing exams also take students closer to future goals such as teaching. Here at GDA we are committed to seeing students thrive, with our excellent teaching team and admin support we will do our best to set students up to achieve their exam goals.

RAD Ballet

RAD exams provide a carefully structured training system, ensuring that students are challenged in a safe, age-appropriate manner. We offer examinations in ballet from Pre-Primary to Grade 6 in the RAD Graded examination syllabus, and from Intermediate Foundation to Advanced 1 in the RAD Vocational examination syllabus. Each year, students who have satisfied the Total Qualifying Teaching Time requirement and have demonstrated familiarity and confidence with the syllabus will be invited to undertake exams. A minimum of 2 x 1 hour classes per week and the completion of a holiday workshop program will be necessary to meet the standard RAD Total Qualifying Teaching Time required for an examination for grade levels. Weekly class hour requirements are increased with Vocational grades (Intermediate Foundation and above).

CSTD Jazz and Tap

Examination requirements for CSTD Jazz & Tap will be communicated with eligible students who have satisfied learning outcomes and demonstrated familiarity and confidence with the syllabus. The completion of a holiday workshop program is required when preparing for exams. We strongly recommend all students wishing to dance a jazz or tap exam attend at least one ballet class a week to enhance their technical ability.

Acrobatic Arts

As an Acrobatic Arts certified studio, we provide quality and safe training in Acrobatic Arts. Acro exams are done using Acrobatic Arts Examination Syllabus. Examination requirements for Acro will be communicated with eligible students at the time of entry.