Roll out the red carpet and get ready for Musical Theatre classes at GDA!

We offer Musical Theatre at Genesis Dance and Drama Academy, with a range of classes for ages 7 – 17. Our Musical Theatre is run under the incredible instruction of Jessica Sankey.

The classes on offer are:

Junior Musical Theatre

  • Ages 7 to 10 (Primary School age)

Intermediate Musical Theatre

  • Ages 10 to 12 (Primary/Middle School age)

Senior Musical Theatre

  • Ages 12 + (High School age)

Whether you have a full Triple Threat, Singer-Dancer-Actor, in your family or a Singer-Dancer, an Actor-Mover, a Dancer-Actor or someone just keen to give it a try, all abilities and experience is welcome.


Enrolments are accepted at any time throughout the school year. Students are welcome from all surrounding State and Private schools. If you would like to enroll your child/children in the Genesis Drama Academy, please contact us.