Jessica Sankey (Director)

Musical Theatre | Drama | Jazz | Performance Teams

Meet Jessica Sankey, our Genesis Dance and Drama Academy Director. Jessica is extremely passionate about the performing arts. Jess started her own performing arts journey at the age of 4 and has continued performing into her adult years. Jess did her training at Griffith Conservatorium to receive her Bachelor of Musical Theatre. After years of performing Jess decided to take on teaching and discovered an entirely new passion: a love for teaching the performing arts! Jess loves teaching and is passionate about seeing the students at GDA grow not only in their skills as performing artists but as young people who are here to make a positive impact on the world. Jessica alongside directing the academy teaches classes and coaches Eisteddfod teams.

Alison Major

Academy Manager

Alison is GDA’s Academy Manager and costume extraordinaire! Alison assists in running our very busy Eisteddfod teams, makes our concert happen and is just in general a ‘get it done’ lady! Alison comes from a dance background herself, so she loves being a part of the running of a dance academy.

Sue Harvey (Senior Teacher)

Ballet | Jazz | Tap | Contemporary

Sue Harvey, our esteemed Senior Teacher, brings a wealth of expertise and dedication to the realm of dance education. With a degree in Dance and qualifications in RAD Ballet and CSTD Jazz and Tap, Sue stands as a beacon of excellence in nurturing young talents. Sue’s commitment to fostering not only creativity but also a deep understanding of technique is a gift and students who work under her mentorship.

At GDA, Sue takes the lead in guiding our students through the intricacies of dance examinations, ensuring that each performer reaches their fullest potential.We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have Sue Harvey as an integral part of our teaching team. Her passion, talent, and commitment to the art of dance do not go unnoticed, and we are privileged to have her inspire and shape the future dancers of GDA.

Karen Mellers (Senior Teacher)

Tiny Stars | Come Dance with Me | Tap | Jazz

Karen holds a special place as a teacher at GDA, entrusted with the delightful task of instructing our youngest performers. Her journey began with graduation from Brent Street in Performing Arts, propelling her into an exciting professional dance career. Karen’s classroom radiates with patience and affection, fostering an environment where young dancers not only learn but fall in love with the art. Her role at GDA extends beyond teaching dance steps; she serves as a guiding force, encouraging students to reach their goals and fostering a deep belief in themselves as budding performing artists.

We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have Karen on our team. Her unique blend of passion, patience, and dedication makes her an invaluable asset to the GDA family, enriching the lives of our students with every dance step.

Siena Hardie

Musical Theatre

Siena is one of our amazing pre-junior musical theatre teachers. Siena’s joy and enthusiasm for the arts is contagious! Siena loves teaching young students and loves seeing them grow in their confidence and artistry. Siena recalls her own teachers inspiring her to push herself and is grateful for the influence they had on her as a young performer. Therefore, appreciates the opportunity to pour that same love and commitment into the next generation of little stars. GDA loves the joy and enthusiasm Siena brings to the academy!

Arina Dara


Arina is our brilliant drama teacher. With her Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drama), Arina brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the drama room. Not only is Arina a wonderful actress herself but she enjoys directing and writing too. Arina loves that drama gives students the opportunity to freely express themselves and she loves that drama provokes emotion within an audience. GDA loves the creativity, enthusiasm and passion that Arina brings into the drama room.

Stephanie Mclean

Drama | Musical Theatre | Vocals | Performance Teams

Steph is one of our very talented Drama and Musical Theatre teachers. With a Diploma of Musical Theatre and a Bachelor of Acting and Performance, Steph is an experienced performer and teacher. Steph feels privileged to have the opportunity to come alongside the next generation of performers! Steph endeavours to foster a class culture which allows students to grow in ability, artistry, musicality, confidence and creative expression. Steph shares her gifts so generously with the classroom, offering wonderful knowledge and skills for the arts through her experience and quality training. GDA feels very privileged to be working with this multi-talented teacher.

Soleil Harvey

Jazz | Contemporary | Ballet | Performance Teams

Soleil is one of our exceptionally talented teachers who is not only a breath-taking dancer but a generous and passionate teacher. Soleil’s classical training and Advanced Diploma in Dance gives her an eye for detail and excellence that she brings into her dance classes. Soleil is a beautiful choreographer and has choreographed national winning eisteddfod dances. Soleil loves that the performing arts gives students a safe space to explore their creativity and make self-discoveries all in an authentic way. GDA loves the way she encourages, challenges and brings out the best in our dancers.

Isabella Palmer


Meet Isabella, our esteemed ballet teacher at GDA. Armed with a Bachelor in Fine Arts Dance and holding the esteemed status of a registered RAD ballet teacher, Isabella brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our academy.

Isabella is not just an asset; she is a joy to have on the GDA team. Her passion for dance is not only sweet but infectious, creating an atmosphere where learning becomes a delightful journey. With her qualifications and commitment, Isabella plays a pivotal role in shaping the dance education experience at GDA. We’re fortunate to have her, and we love the positive energy and expertise she brings to our dance community.

Kealeigh Thomas-Heron

AcroArts| Ballet | Jazz | Performance Teams

Miss Kealeigh is our phenomenal AcroArts teacher at GDA. Holding qualifications as a RAD ballet teacher, CSTD teacher, and certified AcroArts instructor, Miss Kealeigh brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our academy.

Her passion for dance is contagious, and she thrives on seeing her students not only succeed but truly flourish in their dance journey. As an experienced eisteddfod teacher, Miss Kealeigh is well-versed in all facets of the dance world, making her a valuable asset to our team. We deeply appreciate her dedication, input, and unwavering passion for the growth and development of our students. Miss Kealeigh is not just a teacher; she’s an inspiration in motion.